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Home » Reloading Supplies » Brass Cases New Unprimed » 257 Roberts New unprimed Brass

257 Roberts Remington New Unprimed Brass Cases 50/Bag Md: RC257R
257 Roberts Remington New Unprimed Brass Cases 50/Bag Md: RC257R

257 Roberts Remington New Unprimed Brass Cases 50/Bag Md: RC257R This Remington brass can be loaded to +P pressures with no problems. There is no difference in brass marked +P except to indicate that it has been loaded to higher pressures. All modern 257 Roberts rifles can use +P ammunition. With modern powders like Hybrid V-100 a 110 grain Hornady ELD can be loaded over 3,100 FPS.

As The toughest And Most formable In The Industry, These Cartridge Cases Are carefully Drawn From specially-Alloyed Brass To Provide consistently Exact Internal Volume And Resistance To Case stretching And Brittleness. Primer Pocket tolerances Are Held To .001". Finally, Closely Monitored Case Neck annealing assures easier Re-Sizing And Longer Reloading Life. Please note as with most new brass it is recommended that you neck size before loading. Brass may have slight discoloration around the neck due to factory annealing. The 257 Roberts was wildcatted by gun writer Ned Roberts in the 1920s and introduced by Remington as a factory cartridge in 1934. Based on the 7x57 Mauser cartridge necked down to take a .257-inch bullet, it was probably the first cartridge viewed as a combination varmint and big-game cartridge, the role the 243 Winchester stars in today. Mild in recoil, accurate, flat-shooting, and extremely effective on game, the 257 Roberts is rarely seen in new rifles today but retains a substantial and extremely loyal following. Standard velocity is a 117-grain load at 2780 feet per second, but a standardized "+P" 117-grain load at a very speedy 2940 fps has been available for many years. Many of its dedicated fans use it for elk, but without question it is best-suited for pronghorn and deer-sized game. Craig Boddington

Bullet Type: Unprimed Brass
Caliber: 257 Roberts
Weight: Lightweight
Quantity: 50 Per Bag

Manufacturer: Remington

Model: Rc257R

SKU: SS_11986

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List Price: $34.95
Price: $30.48
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