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Home » Reloading Supplies » Bullets for Rifles and Pistols » .30 Caliber (.308) Bullets

Nosler 30 Caliber 155 Grains HPBT J4 Competition Per 100 Md: 53155 Bullets
Nosler 30 Caliber 155 Grains HPBT J4 Competition Per 100 Md: 53155 Bullets

Nosler 30 Caliber 155 Gr HPBT J4 Competition (Per 100)

Custom Competition: Nosler Has blended The Accuracy Of Its Custom Competition Bullet jackets With Its Own Ultra-Precise Lead Alloy cores To Create a New Performance Standard. The Nosler Custom Competition Bullet Is engineered To Function flawlessly In The magazines Of Semi-Automatic Service Rifles, And Is Intended For Various Long Range, High Power And Service Rifle competitions. Due To Its highly Efficient, Low Drag Profile, This Bullet Comes Close To duplicating Many Popular 30 Caliber Match loads' Ballistics In Lighter recoiling Cartridges, Such as The .223 Remington/5.56 Nato. Fast Twist (1 In 8) Barrels Deliver Optimal Stability And Accuracy Across The Flight Envelope. - Hollow Point provides Small meplat For Reduced Drag And increased Aerodynamic Efficiency - Custom Quality Jacket For unmatched Accuracy - Form Fitted Lead Alloy Core For Maximum Bullet Stability And Balance - Pronounced boattail provides Excellent Flight characteristics Over a Range Of velocities Technical Specifications: 155 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Diameter: .308" Sectinal Density: .233 Ballistic Coefficient: .450 *Sectional Density: The Ratio Of a bullet's Weight, In pounds, To The Square Of Its Diameter, In inches. *Ballistic Coefficient: The Ratio Of a bullet's Sectional Density To Its Coefficient Of Form, Used To Describe The bullet's Effectiveness In overcoming Air Resistance During Flight. Nosler Has blended The renowned Accuracy Of J4 Bullet Jacket With Its Own Ultra-Precise Lead Alloy cores To Create a New Performance Standard For The Popular .30 Caliber Match Bullets. Note: These Are Component Bullets, Not Loaded Ammunition.
Mfg No: 53155
Manufacturer: Nosler

Warranty: Warranted Against Manufacturer defects.

Shipping Information
Weight: 2.214 pounds.
Dimensions: 3.625 (L) X 2.125 (W) X 2 (H) inches.:

SKU: 19255

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Price: $34.40
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